Welcome to LGBT History Month. Every February we help organisations and individuals host events that celebrate the achievements of the LGBT community.

LGBT History Month takes place in Scotland every February. It is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) lives and culture by exploring our own and others’ histories in an LGBT context. It is also an opportunity for learning, discussion and debate around the continued fight for LGBT liberation.

Every year a range of arts, cultural and educational events take place across the country. LGBT History Month is for everyone; individuals, community groups, organisations, service providers, LGBT and non-LGBT people. We’re here to help you get involved, whether you want to run your own event, find out what’s on in your area, or generally just find out more about LGBT history and culture.

LGBT History Month Scotland is a project delivered by LGBT Youth Scotland. To find out more about the work that LGBT Youth Scotland does to support young LGBT people, visit www.lgbtyouth.org.uk.

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  • LGBTHistoryScot More information on the full line-up for our Pride House event this Sunday - come along and see us! http://t.co/4Gyh5Kvez5
    LGBTHistoryScot Cultural Commissions 2013: Lucy Holmes-Elliott's photos are on display at 35 Virginia Street - near @VirginiaGallery! http://t.co/u51wUzBgKj
    LGBTHistoryScot @scottishbktrust Can we get an RT for our event @PrideHouse2014? Celebrating new LGBT writing from Scotland http://t.co/e3PbhBOynC
    LGBTHistoryScot @WStonesArgyleST Can we get an RT for our event @PrideHouse2014? Celebrating new LGBT writing from Scotland http://t.co/MUCmcpPiiI
    LGBTHistoryScot Also appearing at the Out There event - Jackie Kay, reading a new story from the Out There anthology. Sign up now! http://t.co/ziDEfvOhKF
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