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05 February 2018

Wall of memories

The Government Equalities Office in partnership with Glasgows and Spectrecom Films is producing a film that celebrates the LGBT experience across the UK.
The purpose of this film is to recognise the progress that has been made since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England in 1967, to acknowledge the areas that need further development and most of all to celebrate the impact and contribution the LGBT community have made to the UK over the past 50 years.
We are asking LGBT people from across the country to get involved:
Send us a photo to add to a “Wall of Memories”, the main feature of our film. The photo should show a significant moment from your past, for example an image taken on the day you came out, prior to transitioning, or from your wedding day etc. It can be anything you like that’s personal to your own journey as an LGBT person in the UK.
We are also inviting contributors to come to our event in London on 17 February to add your photos to the “Wall of Memories” and participate in the production of the film.

If you’d like the opportunity to be part of this exciting project by adding your own photo to the wall, or taking part in the film, please get in touch by emailing:
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