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01 February 2022

A message from Scottish Government minister Jenny Gilruth

We're delighted to open LGBT History Month 2022 with these words from Scottish Government Minister for Transport, Jenny Gilruth.

Recorded as one of her final acts as Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development, this message of support reflects on our theme for the month - Blurring Borders - and how Scotland can lead by example around the world. 

I feel extremely privileged to speak to you during LGBT History Month, particularly given this year’s theme of Blurring Borders.

This is especially important during a global pandemic which has highlighted, and in many cases exacerbated, existing inequalities all over the world.

Scotland is an inclusive nation which promotes, protects and fulfils internationally recognised human rights.

We work hard to ensure that nobody is denied rights or opportunities because of their sexuality or gender. Thinking beyond borders and considering the experience of LGBT communities overseas is an important reminder that we must always safeguard our achievements and strive to do better.

If we want Scotland to be a place where the rights of LGBT people are realised, where everyone’s identity is respected and celebrated, we believe that our policies and actions abroad should be consistent with those at home.

As a good global citizen we can lead by example, sharing our approach to equality, and learning from approaches elsewhere. We must also raise concerns on LGBT issues through our international engagement, however.

Historically we see that countries with the courage to take the right step can set an example for others to follow.

I am proud to say that we have understood and embraced that responsibility in Scotland for some years now. From legalising civil partnerships and same-sex marriage; to pardoning men convicted of same-sex relations; to last September when we became the first country in the world to embed LGBT inclusive education in our schools.

As LGBT communities in some countries around the world continue to face discrimination and even persecution, we remain committed to equality and inclusion, and we will take action to protect and promote these however and wherever we can.
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