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05 November 2021

Announcing the theme for 2022: Blurring Borders

Blurring Borders. A world in motion.

This year, we’re inviting you to think beyond borders.

To consider that, while Scotland has made great strides towards equality, the journey has come at a slower pace in some parts of the world, and faster in others.

To recognise that the direction of travel has not always been linear; the waves of progress have ebbed and flowed.

And to ask ourselves: what is Scotland’s place within this global movement?

Blurring Borders landscape.png

Right now, our friends in countries like Poland and Hungary are faced with a rising tide of anti-LGBT rhetoric and a rollback of their human rights.

In 69 UN member states, including a majority of African nations, LGBT people are still criminalised under homosexuality and “cross-dressing” laws, as well as being targeted under numerous other offences.

And the Council of Europe has recently pointed to the UK as one among several countries where the advances of recent years are “under threat” amid “extensive and often virulent attacks on the rights of LGBTI people”, particularly in the form of “anti-trans narratives”.

We know that no country, including Scotland, has yet reached the destination of protecting and championing the rights of all LGBT people, and no country is immune to the backlash against progress. As a global family, LGBT people and allies live in fragile times.

Against this backdrop, we encourage you to come together and reflect on the power of people and the strength of solidarity across borders.

What role can we, in Scotland, play in supporting LGBT people internationally? And what lessons can we learn from the past and present of our friends around the world to create a better future, both at home and beyond?

In February 2022, take part in LGBT History Month by blurring borders and exploring the waves of LGBT liberation and community across the globe.

Get involved

After a very unusual couple of years caused by the pandemic, and the continued uncertainty it brings with it, we hope 2022 will allow for a return to more in-person activities, alongside evermore creative online events.

Download our brand new Action Pack to find out how you can get involved in LGBT History Month in February 2022.

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List your event

When you're ready to submit your event for listing on our website, just fill out the Event Submission Form and we'll add it to the site. There are no deadlines for event submission, as we know that smaller community groups sometimes take a little more time to submit.

Spread the word

Whether you’re running an event or sharing a story online, we want to use the LGBT History Month Scotland channels to amplify it and get people talking. 
  • Download the package of promotional graphics we’ve created which advertise LGBT History Month and the Blurring Borders theme. You can use these on your social media or web posts, or print the poster to show your support.
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