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The Tentpeg Murderers

Join our gentle romp through the annual Spill The Tea fundraiser, and book your screen for our first ever LGBTQIA+ drag themed murder mystery!

We would love you to meet our not-so-young superstar drag queen, Mrs Blue Waffle, drag king Reverend Green-Discharge (it's French), the questionnable Doctor Billie Bates and their husband Colonel McMustard.
Oh, and I nearly forgot, the younger and more beautiful drag queenlet Miss Scarlet Fever may even put in an appearance.

Having met them all, heard their sordid stories, and watched in horror as one of them parks the bus, you will have the opportunity to share a very intimate breakout room with each of them in turn. Ask your questions, satisfy your curiosity, and solve the crime!

Fingers crossed you find the killer and we can all sleep easy again. But just in case, we'll reveal the murderer and bring them to justice, all in time for a nightcap.

The Tentpeg Murderers have been murdering all over Scotland and online for nearly 25 years! We'd love to share our newest adventure with you.

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